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Ongoing Care

The Box Hill Portfolio Service is tailored towards clients with portfolios of less than £80,000, who do not desire high levels of interaction with their adviser, and do not expect their financial situation or risk attitude to alter significantly over the year. This is ideal for individuals looking to start their ISA and Pension savings with regular contributions, expecting these savings to build up before requiring any major portfolio adjustments.

The Leith Hill Portfolio Service is an all-encompassing solution for those looking for a truly personalised service from their adviser, particularly those with portfolios above £80,000 and/or with complex investment strategies where costs can quickly build up. The idea is that you never have to worry about the cost of arranging a meeting, picking up the phone or sending us an email: there are no hidden charges in managing your portfolio.

*cost per hour as hourly rates set out below.

Financial Adviser : £250 per hour

Administration : £50 per hour