FINANCIAL GUIDANCE - the journey begins here ........

How we take care of your finances

We have four crucial stages in our Advice Process, for more details please click on our Advice Process link:

  1. Discovery meeting
  2. Analysis & Report
  3. Explaining our recommendations
  4. Putting everything in place

We do not believe that our job ends with completion of the advice process.

Monitor, review, and monitor again

For us, a financial plan is not complete on implementation, but rather that it has only just started. As part of our service we will usually watch over the progress of any solution we have put in place to make sure that it continues to do what it was set up to achieve, and to take that worry away from you. Having said that, for those of you with a keen interest, where available you will also have access to live information and valuations.

Though we believe strongly in continuing to monitor and look after your savings, the frequency and level of contact you have with us is largely driven by what fits in best with you. It could be face-to-face meetings, over the phone or by email. If your circumstances change, we also need to know so that we can review what further changes your plan may require. These would typically cover life changing events such as getting married, having a baby, a promotion or buying a new property as well as lesser events that may still have an impact on your priorities.

We would hope to meet at least annually to provide you with a full update and review, but we are keen not to limit you to a set number of catch ups each year and will always be willing to arrange a meeting or phone call to fit in with you: we would always prefer for you to contact us rather than you to feel that you need to wait until the same time each year.

To meet our clients' varying needs we offer two levels of ongoing service: the Leith Hill Portfolio Service, and the Box Hill Portfolio Service. You can find out more details on how these vary here.